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Coarse Grain


Venetian plaster fine grain FirenzeColor-Marmorino© produces the high gloss smooth finish on walls and ceilings. As a true Venetian plaster product, containing 42% marble it is also simple and easy to apply. Authentic Venetian Plaster does not require sanding to obtain a shine because the marble inside shines naturally as soon as the product is compressed. Recommended application for Venetian Plaster is with INOX (stainless steel) trowels; 1 application and 1 burnishing trowel. This Venetian plaster arrives in the form of a white paste and can be tinted with Venetian plaster defined mineral colors. Depending on the application and the amount of Venetian plaster material used a 5 gallon bucket (24kg) can cover from 300sq ft to 350sq ft. To prime your Venetian plaster surface use Novaprimer© and apply over a variety of surfaces; blue board, tables, doors, cabinets, etc. Attend a seminar and learn the many Venetian plaster techniques that enable you to create more than one unparalleled finish.

Modern living with Italian Venetian Plaster. To achieve the beautiful finishes and textures available today in Italian Venetian plaster, you do need to follow 3 important but simple steps, and we’ll go into those details in this article. The InFinishes Layering Effect is all you’ll need to successful Venetian Plaster...


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