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Marmur Fine & Marmur Medio


Marmur Venetian Plaster lime based finishing plaster coat, is formulated in the whole respect of traditional and historical "recipes". Various grain sizes available with this Venetian plaster containing well seasoned hydrated lime putty. Also fine marble powder, coloring oxides and earths, linseed oil and rheologic modifiers, can be found in this Venetian plaster guaranteeing a perfect workability of the product. Marmur creates aesthetic cloudy effects, with soft and vibrant Venetian plaster shades. The thickness of this Venetian Plaster applied builds up a long lasting and durable protection. Together with "Antiche Patine" mixed with "Lattedicalce" Marmur Venetian plaster originates soft, colored and, if required, semi-transparent glazes. Venetian plaster, Mamur Fine and Medio is a perfect anti mold agent. Use Marmur in two different granulometries to create completely different aesthetic Venetian plaster effects.

Modern living with Italian Venetian Plaster. To achieve the beautiful finishes and textures available today in Italian Venetian plaster, you do need to follow 3 important but simple steps, and we’ll go into those details in this article. The InFinishes Layering Effect is all you’ll need to successful Venetian Plaster...


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