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Beyond distributing authentic italian mineral plaster, our goal at InFinishes is to provide our clients, with "all things Venetian Plaster". Whether it be project planning, color selection or matching, design concepts and solutions, group training, one-on-one consultation, marketing support for you to better service your clients, and much more, we are the professional team to go to. Our aim is to provide the best quality service in all of these areas and build long-lasting relationships with our clients. We want to be here for you today, tomorrow and every single time you need support with any Venetian Plaster related project.

At InFinishes we understand your needs, which is why we also provide different unit sizes for different project requirements. From small 1 kg (comparable to a quart) evaluation size for producing samples, to 24 kg (comparable to 5 gallon) sizes for completing larger projects. We also have all the necessary professional applicator tools of the true Italian plaster artisans (imported from Italy), to not only help you get your job done, but get your project done right!

Stop by our Showroom Gallery today, or contact us with any questions. Our creative and product services team is ready to help!

Modern living with Italian Venetian Plaster. To achieve the beautiful finishes and textures available today in Italian Venetian plaster, you do need to follow 3 important but simple steps, and we’ll go into those details in this article. The InFinishes Layering Effect is all you’ll need to successful Venetian Plaster...


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