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Venetian Plaster Huntington Beach, CA

At InFinishes, Inc., we can turn drab interior and exterior walls into veritable works of art. We have proven this many times for our past and present clients from Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Orange, and other select areas in California. While homes that are painted by professionals are already beautiful, we always urge clients to go further by choosing Venetian plaster over ordinary paints.

Our authentic Italian Venetian plaster can dramatically change the aesthetic looks of any home. Given that the material has been used for centuries, it’s no small wonder that the benefits that it can provide are as timeless as the material itself. So why not do the right thing by calling us today? We’d be more than glad to discuss with you how we can use our expertise to make your home stand out through this awesome material.

High Quality Venetian Plaster Guaranteed

At InFinishes, Inc., we use only authentic Italian Venetian plaster imported straight from Italy. We are partners with FirenzeColor-Marmorino, arguably the best and most trusted sources of the material. We became the main distributor of the Firenzecolor product line in 2001, and we have since then extensively used their products in many of our projects.

The great thing about using only genuine Venetian plaster is that we never disappoint our valued clients in terms of quality. Whether they want the classical look or they prefer edgier, modern appeal, our plaster materials can easily satisfy such preference. We can offer various finishes such as matte, high polish, and smooth, depending on what clients want. But the surest thing is that the sheer beauty of the walls we create can make heads turn and elicit sighs of awe and admiration.

Venetian Plaster Application Experts

Having worked on Venetian plaster for decades, we have mastered its application and become the most sought-after contractor in Huntington Beach and nearby California cities that we serve. We can guarantee custom color match that will ensure perfect appeal of the plaster relative to the general architecture and design of any home.

We also have complete tools and expert crews who are all trained in the different techniques of applying plaster to wall surfaces. We can guarantee fast turnaround time so you can enjoy hugely improved walls in no time.

Large Inventory of Premium Venetian Plaster

While many have a hard time sourcing high grade Venetian plaster materials and products, we at InFinishes, Inc. only have to walk to our storeroom to find the right supply that we need. In fact, we have one of the largest inventories of authentic Italian Venetian plasters. With this, we can take any residential or commercial project without worrying where to get the right materials.

Awesome Results at Friendly Rates

Clients in Huntington Beach, CA can expect top-notch results in the form of visually arresting walls when they hire us.  And the great news is that they won’t have to dig deep into their pockets or go over their budget – we have the friendliest rates among all companies offering Venetian plaster application. So why wait when you can call us right now and have us offer you some great ideas on how we can make your property look better.

Please dial 714-334-0638 for more details about our services.

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