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Venetian Plaster Frequently Asked Questions

How many SQ FT do I get in Fine Marmorino?

(3 coats)

* 24kg = 300 SQ FT
* 12kg = 150 SQ FT
* 5kg = 63 SQ FT
* 1kg = 12 SQ FT

How many SQ FT do I get in Carrara Coarse Marmorino?

(2 coats)

* 24kg = 250 SQ FT
* 12kg = 125 SQ FT
* 5kg = 52 SQ FT
* 1kg = 10 SQ FT

How many SQ FT do I get in Coarse?

(2 coats)

* 24kg = 200-225 SQ FT
* 12kg = 100-125 SQ FT
* 5kg = 42-67 SQ FT
* 1kg = 8-33 SQ FT

*Carrara Fine is the same as Fine Marmorino in coverage

How much is the cost of the material by the SQ FT?

(Without color cost)

* $1.03 Fine Marmorino
* $1.16 Carrara Marmorino
* $0.77 Coarse Marmorino

How many SQ FT does the protection soap/ Firenzecolor neutral wax cover?

* 300 SQ FT (1kg/1LT)
* 1,200 SQ FT (4 kg)
* 750 SQ FT (2.5 LT)

How many SQ FT does a Kilo of product cover?

(1 coat)

* Teodorico- 16 SQ FT
* Marmorino KS- 20 SQ FT
* Corallo- 30 SQ FT
* Ebano- 30 SQ FT
* Era Veneziana- 14 SQ FT
* Marble Stone- 18 SQ FT

Firenzecolor Primer Frequently Asked Questions

How many SQ FT do I get with the Firenze Primer?

* 5 LT= 600 SQ FT ($65.00)
* 10 LT= 1200 SQ FT ($120.00)

What base does the primer have, is it oil?

* Firenze primer is a water-based acrylic.

Is the primer harmful to the environment?

* It is odorless.
* It is nontoxic, it does not contain harmful substances such as chrome and heavy metals.

What can I apply Firenze Primer with?

* With a brush, working from top to the bottom.
* Roller
* Spray-gun

What substrates can I apply Firenze Primer on?

* New or pre-existing plasters
* Concrete
* Plaster board
* Paints
* Any surface

What is the shelf-life of Firenze Primer?

* If stored at temperatures between +5 and 35 C, are guaranteed for 12 months.

Can the Firenze Primer be tinted?

* It can be in white or custom colors.

What are the application procedures?

1. Add up to 80-100% of clean water, depending on substrate absorption.
2. It is recommended to make a trial first, to make sure the sealer well penetrates inside the wall and leaves no glossy reflections. If this should be the case, increase the water dilution rate.
3. Best results are achieved when applied with a brush, roller or spray-gun.

What type of design style do the plasters go with?

Since we have one of the most expansive product lines in the decorative wall finish industry our products can be in any design setting wether it be contemporary, modern, eclectic, old world, traditional, mediterranean and industrial.

For Your Reference

* Firenze primer is an ideal priming coat for all synthetic and mineral plasters and paints.
* It gives the surface a fine cement finish.

FirenzeColor-Marmorino ® Coverage Information

* Fine Marmorino – Classic Finish 300 sq. ft. 3 coats
* Fine Marmorino – Old World Finish 425-450 sq.ft. 2 coats
* Coarse Grain Marmorino 200-225 sq.ft. 2 coats
* Carrara Marmorino – Fine 300 sq. ft. 3 coats
* Carrara Marmorino – Coarse Texture 250 sq. ft. 2 coats


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